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April 23, 2013

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I’m spending the week in London with the fiancé and, as always on my trips to Europe, I am constantly amazed at the cool and unique products they have that we can’t get in NYC. I spent a good portion of the day in Selfridges (kind of like a mega, super-sized Saks Fifth Avenue) and after combing through the euro-chic clothes and accessories (not to mention getting a quick blow dry at Hershesons Blow Dry Bar… do I sound like a Londoner yet?), I had to hit the “Food Hall” to check out the gourmet offerings. I quickly found this was no ordinary food hall, but rather a bustling and luxurious market full of exotic fruits and vegetables, divine cheeses, just-baked baguettes, fresh pasta, salads, and chocolates and pastries to-die-for. As I checked out, I stumbled upon this super cool Marc Jacobs Diet Coke that is truly a fashionistas dream! An avid diet coke-drinker myself, I could hardly contain my excitement. This limited edition soda was created by Marc in honor of Diet Coke’s 30th Anniversary and comes in 3 fab designs. It is exclusive to Selfridges in London, so you’ll have to pick one up on your next trip across the pond. I’ll be posting more scenes from London this week!


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  • ciaolinda

    Love your post! ….. can’t wait for more to come from London..:))

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