A Belgium Waffle in Brussels

July 3, 2013

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Last weekend I visited Brussels, Belgium, for the first time and was very excited to try out one of the city’s world renowned specialities ~ none other than the Belgium Waffle. I couldn’t wait to share this mouth-watering photo of a liège waffle from Maison Dandoy, an artisanal bakeshop with a few locations throughout the city. The waffles in Belgium are essentially street food, usually served take away-style on a plastic dish, and eaten while strolling through the charming winding streets. Works for me. There are endless topping choices available – from fruit to ice cream to a simple dusting of powdered sugar. In true form, I chose a liège waffle with warm chocolate sauce and sweet chantilly whipped cream. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…




And after…


I highly recommend checking out Maison Dandoy on your next trip to Brussels. I bought a few other delights from this adorable shop that I will share next. In the meantime, enjoy these snapshots from Grand Place, the central square of Brussels!



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  • http://linda.muratori@gmail.com ciaolinda

    Looks out of this world…. Love the photos!!

  • http://www.mywalletmystyle.com Nnene

    Looks delicious!… Lovely photos!

  • AmaxW11

    The waffle was good, but the Wafels and Dinges NYC still takes it… now if they only started serving http://www.sintsixtus.be/eng/brouwerij.htm

    • Janelle

      Yes, Wafles & Dinges NYC certainly is authentic and the lines in Astor Place are justified. Plus, Wafles & Dinges serves delicious speculoos sauce on their waffles and Maison Dandoy sadly does not :(
      Westvleteren was the coup of the weekend!

  • http://belgian-waffle-maker.com Peter Graeme

    Talking about making me hungry – always love making waffles, but those look over the top delicious !

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