Pub Crawling Oxford

by Janelle 10.02.2013
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I took a day trip to Oxford last weekend and had a lovely time pub crawling and sightseeing this historic university town. Oxford is a quick and easy 1 hour train ride from London’s Paddington Station. During this time, many of the students were just returning to university, so it was fun to see a […]

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Panarea, Sicily

by Janelle 09.06.2013
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I just got back from a summer holiday on the tiny Sicilian island of Panarea. Panarea is part of Italy’s Aeolian Island chain, and thanks to the abundance of gourmet restaurants, buzzy euro nightlife, haute shopping, and stunning vistas, it has become a sort of “off the beaten path” celebrity hotspot. W recently published an article that […]

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Arzak: A Review

by Janelle 08.12.2013
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As foodies, amateur chefs, avid restaurant-goers and two+-months-in-advance resy makers, my husband and I finally made the pilgrimage to the so-called food mecca, San Sebastián, Spain. I had read all of the reviews and listened to all the raves, rants and endless comparisons, so it was time to check it all out firsthand and see what […]

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An Insider’s Guide to Ibiza : 5 Hotspots

by Janelle 07.17.2013
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I just got back from a jam-packed weekend of fun in Balearic paradise. Die hard Ibiza-lovers know that there is much more to this island than overcrowded beaches and sloppy San Antonio ‘stag n hens.’ I’ve scoured the island for the coolest places to

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A Belgium Waffle in Brussels

by Janelle 07.03.2013
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Last weekend I visited Brussels, Belgium, for the first time and was very excited to try out one of the city’s world renowned specialities ~ none other than the Belgium Waffle. I couldn’t wait to share this mouth-watering photo of a

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Scenes from Anguilla

by Janelle 03.08.2013
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In the midst of this frigid and snowy day in NYC, I couldn’t think of a better time to share a few photos from the sunny Caribbean island of Anguilla. I just got back from a visit to the island to finish up some last minute preparations for my May wedding on the island. Anguilla is a “secret” […]

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A Guide to Istanbul

by Janelle 11.08.2011
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My boyfriend and I just got back from a memorable trip to Europe. Our travels brought us to Istanbul, Turkey, a bustling city famous for seamlessly merging cultures of the East and West. Istanbul is a hot travel destination – and for good reason. The contrast between the magical lit-up skyline of centuries-old mosques and […]

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La Samanna, St. Martin

by Janelle 04.26.2011
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I just got back from a sensational holiday with my boyfriend at St. Martin’s La Samanna resort and could not resist sharing it on The Chic Brûlée! Set on the exclusive Baie Longue, this romantic, Caribbean resort epitomizes luxury at its best. Set beside one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and featuring […]

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