Stylish girls everywhere know it’s totally on trend to wear white after Labor Day (who came up with that anyway?), and this season couldn’t be a better time to embrace the trend. We are seeing contrast black and white pieces everywhere this month and it’s totally chic for fall. Check out some of my favorite styles!


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Engagement Cupcakes

October 15, 2012

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Last weekend was my engagement party and I couldn’t wait to share my adorable custom cupcakes from the one and only Georgetown Cupcakes – Soho location, of course. Before my party I knew Georgetown Cupcakes were some of the tastiest and highest quality cupcakes in the very saturated cupcake-market, but I had no idea how special their custom creations could be. When I placed my catering order, I knew exactly the flavors I wanted — 2 dozen red velvet with vanilla cream cheese frosting and 2 dozen Valrhona chocolate, half with whipped Callebaut chocolate frosting and half with sweet vanilla buttercream.  Read More…


Nobu Black Cod with Miso

October 10, 2012

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Every time I visit Nobu in New York and Miami, I always order the world famous “Nobu Black Cod.” This coveted Japanese dish, made by roasting silky cod filets with a sweet miso topping, is both light and invigorating. When you bite into it, the fish has a buttery quality and the scrumptious marinade adds a subtle sweetness. Once roasted, the top turns a beautiful golden brown.  I tried my best to recreate this special meal and I hope you enjoy!   Read More…


Post image for Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Soup

Creamy and comforting, this recipe for Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Soup is a delightful weeknight dinner. I started out by roasting 3 red bell peppers until very tender and slightly charred. Next, I roasted a baking sheet full of ripe mixed tomatoes until soft, juicy and bursting with flavor. Since I was in the spirit of roasting, I added 2 whole bulbs of garlic, that I roasted alongside the peppers in the oven. Once roasted, the garlic was caramelized to perfection. The combination of these flavorful vegetables with aromatic herbes de Provence, a hit of cayenne and paprika, and a side of toasted crusty bread smeared with freshly roasted garlic was nothing short of a winner. Enjoy!  Read More…


Post image for Truffle Beef Wellington for Two

A recipe for Beef Wellington needs little introduction. I have always wanted to make this elegant dish beloved by fine chefs around the world, so I decided my fiancé’s birthday was the perfect occasion to serve this impressive meal. Beef Wellington traditionally combines beef tenderloin, mushroom duxelles, and foie gras wrapped in flaky, buttery puff pastry and baked up to perfection. For my recipe, I decided to substitute truffle butter for fois gras and the results were sensational. If you like the distinctive smell and taste of truffle, this meal will be such a treat.

Most recipes for Beef Wellington use a 3-pound of beef tenderloin that serves up to 8 people. For this occasion, I needed a recipe for 2 so I made individual Beef Wellingtons with two 6-0ounce filet mignons. Most of the recipes I found for “Individual Beef Wellington” were pretty basic, so I decided to take matters in my own hands and put together my own recipe for the meal. The results were incredible and my fiancé raved for days about his special birthday meal. I served the beef with sautéed broccolini and baby potatoes roasted with garlic and rosemary. This meal is perfect for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Anniversaries or Birthdays. The best part is you can assemble everything early in the day, refrigerate it, and take it out 30 minutes before you are ready to serve. This is a guaranteed way to impress that special someone! Read More…


Best Coconut Cream Pie

August 31, 2012

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Tuesday was my fiancé’s birthday, so I prepared a romantic meal for the two of us with one of his favorite desserts. He mentioned recently that he loves coconut cream pie, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to make this much-loved treat for the first time. I have the most delicious recipe for Coconut Cream Pie… it starts with a flaky homemade crust and is filled with a creamy, custardy filling bursting with fragrant, toasted coconut. Finally, a heaping golden brown mountain of meringue is piled on top. The pie is comforting and refreshing and perfect for any time of year.  Read More…


Post image for Chickpea Salad with Fresh Herbs

For a light and easy salad this summer, I highly recommend trying out my tasty Chickpea Salad with Fresh Herbs. This salad is so easy to prepare and is a fresh accompaniment to a variety of dishes. It can be served on its own for a light lunch or it can be a fabulous side dish for your next picnic or barbecue. The best part about this recipe is that you can make it your own – feel free to add your favorite crisp vegetables or leave out those you don’t care for as much. If you have an herb garden this summer you are in luck because you can snip and chop any of your favorite herbs and add them to your salad as you wish. You can also double this recipe for a large group or party. Enjoy!  Read More…

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Post image for Cauliflower “Mac & Cheese”

Macaroni and Cheese is the ultimate comfort food, but if you are like me, you may try to save it for only for those times when you really want to indulge. I wanted a way to enjoy the flavors of Macaroni & Cheese without all of the carbs and fat, so I found this tasty recipe for Cauliflower “Mac & Cheese.” Although this recipe is no substitute for the original, rich version, it is creamy and satisfying. This dish uses cauliflower in place of macaroni, and a blend of low-fat cheeses in place of the full-fat varieties. Once the cauliflower florets and homemade cheese sauce is tossed together, you add fresh breadcrumbs over everything to create a crunchy topping. I served my Cauliflower “Mac & Cheese” with a fresh side salad, but feel free to get creative and serve as a side with your next meal! Read More…

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Post image for Eggplant and Lentil Stew with Pomegranate Molasses

I love recipes with a “secret ingredient.” I have been hearing a lot about the many uses for Pomegranate Molasses, an essential ingredient in traditional Middle Eastern cooking, so I had to give it a try. Pomegranate Molasses is a syrup-like reduction of pomegranate juice and sugar that has a really unique flavor and turns out to be the “secret ingredient” in this delicious vegetarian stew. This dish hails from Antakya, a coastal town in southern Turkey, where it is a summer staple for Turks in the region. If you haven’t heard, the coast of Turkey is full of quaint little beach towns with fabulous authentic restaurants along the shore.

This is one of those stews that gets better the longer you simmer it over the stove. With lentils, eggplant, onions and tomatoes, the stew is hearty and satisfying. A drizzle of pomegranate molasses over the top adds a surprising tartness that makes this dish so unique. Serve the stew on its own or over couscous for a tasty, light meal. Pomegranate Molasses can be found at Middle Eastern markets – I went to Kalustyan’s in NYC to pick up mine.

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Chimichurri Flank Steak

August 14, 2012

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For a little taste of South America in your kitchen, try this fiery recipe for Chimichurri Flank Steak. Chimichurri is the quintessential sauce of Argentina and best enjoyed on juicy, grilled steaks. Meats in Argentina are never served without a side of chimichurri! The traditional sauce is made with parsley, garlic and vinegar–and it surely packs a punch. To best showcase this tasty marinade, I decided to grill flank steaks, a long and thin cut of meat that is surprisingly lean and very juicy. Although this recipe is perfectly delicious on its own with a side of vegetables and potatoes, I decided to throw the steak in sizzling fajitas along with with sautéed onions and red peppers for a family dinner at the beach last week. Feel free to be creative with sides and serving suggestions. However you decide to serve it, the succulent, boldly flavored steak will take center stage. A perfect excuse to throw your next fiesta!  Read More…