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If you love oatmeal cookies and pumpkin you are in for a treat with these delicious Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Pecan Cookies. With a recipe from one of my fave cooking blogs, Skinny Taste, I set out to make these scrumptious cookies. With no oil and very little butter, these cookies are made with pumpkin, oatmeal, sugar, eggs, pecans and an array of fall spices. They come out full of texture with crispy, browned edges and an oat-filled center. You get an extra kick of flavor from the pumpkin and spices that truly make for a unique and delectable cookie. Eat them for a light breakfast or anytime-of-day snack… Read More…


Mexican Tortilla Casserole

October 17, 2011

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For a delicious and easy way to enjoy healthy Mexican food at home, nothing is better than my Mexican Tortilla Casserole. Loaded with vegetables and tasty Mexican spices, this is a perfect weeknight meal that is so easy to throw together. You can make it with all vegetables or add shredded chicken from a small roasted chicken you can find at your supermarket. Either way, this dish is packed with flavor and is a guaranteed hit. Although most Mexican Casseroles include several flour or corn tortillas, I found a recipe that uses only crushed tortilla chips on the bottom layer for a crunchy bottom crust. Once baked, the chips crisp up perfectly and provide a base for the casserole. Read More…


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If you love steel-cut oatmeal but don’t have the time to make it in the morning (45 minutes to let it simmer, to be exact!), then this recipe is for you. Call it oatmeal on-the-go, these oat bars are incredibly healthy for you and delicious. Made with steel cut oats, chopped pecans, ground flaxseed, grated apples, almond milk and a hefty dose of cinnamon and vanilla, the oats essentially cook in the oven and are cut into small bars. Every ingredient is good for you and packs a nutritional punch. You can serve the oat bars warm, at room temperature or cold for a quick breakfast or an afternoon snack.  Read More…


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It’s almost fall in New York and the hint of a chill in the air has me already dreaming of tropical locales! To get your mind off heavy winter coats and cashmere sweaters, I wanted to share one of my favorite new finds – Starla Sandals. Created out of a passion for jewelry, shoes and a sun-filled South Florida lifestyle, these sandals are oozing with style. Read More…


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I am always on the lookout for delicious pumpkin recipes that are not only tasty, but healthy as well. I found an amazing recipe for low-fat pumpkin muffins created by one of my fave baking blogs, Love From The Oven. Full of whole wheat flour, flaxseed meal and oat bran, these muffins are bursting with fiber and have the hearty, nutty texture of multigrain muffins. With the addition of pumpkin, applesauce and a hefty dose of pumpkin pie spice, these muffins are truly a delight. They have a moist center and that perfect crunchy top that everyone loves – and no oil or butter. While you are baking, your kitchen will be filled with the delicious smell of fall. Enjoy with a small dab of honey butter or with nothing at all. The recipe is after the jump… check it out! Read More…

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Post image for NYC: Ladurée’s Halloween Macarons

If you haven’t heard yet, worldwide macaroon-sensation Ladurée, aka the “new cupcake,” took up shop in New York and is taking the city by pastry-storm. Maison Ladurée, the beloved Parisian baker, is said to have invented the macaron over 60 years ago at a tea room near the Place de la Concorde in Paris in 1862. With shops from Riyadh to Geneva to Milan and everywhere fabulous in-between, you truly cannot find a better macaron. I tried a bunch of flavors, elegantly decorated in a “jewelry” box, at Ladurée’s super-fancy Harrod’s shop in London and was certainly impressed. Read More…


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After visiting London this summer and enjoying an extravagant Afternoon Tea, I became inspired to make buttery, sweet scones. My boyfriend and I had Tea at the uber-chic Palm Court at the Langham Hotel on Regent Street in London. This Tea was awarded the Tea Guild’s Top London Afternoon Tea 2010, the “OSCARS” of the tea world… and it certainly impressed! The Afternoon Tea was filled with endless plates of colorful small tea cakes, pastries and finger sandwiches and sides of clotted cream and the finest jams. The highlight was the deliciously light-as-air sweet, but not-too-sweet, scones with a crisp crust.  Read More…

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Pumpkin Spice Bars

September 26, 2011

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It’s almost fall and that means it’s time to start baking warm, spicy autumn desserts. My absolute favorite spice cake recipe is for Pumpkin Spice Bars. To make the bars, you start out by baking a homemade spice cake in a sheet pan and savoring the smell of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves filling up your kitchen. The creamy, sweet topping is a light and fluffy cream cheese icing, made with real cream cheese. Once baked, cooled and frosted, you have the option of serving as a full cake or refrigerating it until set, and cutting it into rectangular “bars.” Either way, you will die for this mouth-watering dessert. Enjoy for dessert, breakfast or an anytime-of-day snack.  Read More…


Post image for Glorious Gloves: 5 Fab Gloves to Keep Warm This Fall

Gloves are a super easy way to up the chic factor of any outfit as soon as the first fall chill hits the air. This season there is no shortage of fabulous gloves, whether they are biker gloves, full length, fur, leather, you name it! Check out my favorite 5:  Read More…


Anzac Biscuits

September 18, 2011

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Although wildly popular in Australia and New Zealand, Anzac biscuits have not caught on in the rest of the world, until now. I first tried Anzac biscuits at Peels, a hip new eatery on New York City’s Bowery. The delicious, crumbly texture of these sweet, nutty, granola-like biscuits was unlike anything I’d ever tried and I was determined to recreate this addictive confection. Anzac biscuits have a rich history. As the story goes, the biscuits were sent by wives of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) soldiers abroad because the ingredients do not spoil easily and kept well during war. Brilliant! Read More…

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