NYC: Butter Lane Cupcakes

by Janelle 05.16.2011
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Yesterday I finally got the chance to visit Butter Lane, one of NYC’s premiere cupcake bakeries, located in the East Village. Upon entering the adorable East 7th Street storefront, a bountiful display of colorful cupcakes awaited. Butter Lane is one of the few bakeries that only sells cupcakes. (Fine with me). Their focus is mainly […]

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Paula Deen’s Magical Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe

by Janelle 05.14.2011
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Today I decided to make Paula Deen’s famous “Magical Peanut Butter Cookies.” Although Ms. Deen is known for her deliciously rich, butter and cream-filled, over-the-top creations, one of her most popular recipes (703 likes on facebook!) is actually good for you! What makes these cookies so magical is the fact that they are flourless, sugar-free, […]

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NYC: Beverly Hills-Based Sprinkles Cupcakes Opens Their First NYC Cupcake Bakery Today

by Janelle 05.13.2011
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Today marks the grand opening of the first New York City outpost of the famous Beverly Hills-based cupcake bakery, Sprinkles Cupcakes. Known for their cult celebrity following, stylish frosting decorations, and coveted status as “the world’s first cupcake bakery,” New York cupcake-lovers are rejoicing over this much-awaited arrival. Not that we are short on cupcake […]

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Jacques Torres’ Secret Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

by Janelle 05.11.2011
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Chocoholics from near and far have been flocking to Jacques Torres’ renowned chocolate shops in Manhattan’s TriBeCa and Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhoods for years — and for good reason. The French chocolatier gained famed while serving as the revered Pastry Chef at NYC’s Le Cirque restaurant and has been featured on numerous TV shows including PBS […]

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A Royal Groom’s Cake… Make William’s Favourite Cake For Yourself!

by Janelle 04.30.2011
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Foodies around the world rejoiced with the announcement of Prince William’s groom’s cake, made with McVitie’s Rich Tea Biscuits and chocolate. Although less popular in States, grooms’ cakes have been very popular in Britain since Victorian times – and for good reason! I was able to find the exact recipe used at the Royal Wedding, […]

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NYC: Momofuku Milk Bar… Dessert Heaven on Earth

by Janelle 04.30.2011

Momofuku Milk Bar is a premiere NYC destination for the most innovative, decadent, mouth-watering treats around! You will not find more unique or masterfully executed pastries, cakes, cookies, pies, soft serve ice cream, milkshakes and cake truffles (yes cake truffles). Upon entering this den of food fabulousness, you will first notice a large chalkboard overhead […]

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Traditional Italian Easter Pie

by Janelle 04.12.2011
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My favorite dessert for the Easter holiday has always been Italian Easter Pie. An Italian tradition, Easter Pie is made by mixing cooked rice with fresh ricotta, eggs, sugar and toasted pine nuts and wrapping the mixture in layers of crispy, buttery phyllo. Orange zest is added to take the ricotta and rice mixture to […]

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Chic (Creme) Brulee French Toast

by Janelle 04.12.2011
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In honor of the Chic Brûlée, I had to blog about Crème Brûlée French Toast – a rich and satisfying dessert-like indulgence. My favorite recipe is from Gourmet Magazine and is so easy to prepare! The french toast can be prepared the night before and baked in the oven the next morning.

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Soft Anise Biscotti

by Janelle 02.03.2011
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You will love this recipe for an unexpected twist on traditional biscotti. Instead of a crunchy, crumbly cookie, these biscotti are soft, spongy, cake-like and light as a feather! Have one in the morning with your coffee and you’ll be hooked. Read more for my recipe…

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Outrageous Hot Fudge Sauce

Thumbnail image for Outrageous Hot Fudge Sauce by Janelle 01.25.2011

I am thrilled to share a recipe for Outrageous Hot Fudge Sauce. It is a dead-ringer for the famous hot fudge served at Brigham’s Ice Cream Parlour in Boston, MA. A New England tradition, Brigham’s is known for its velvety, rich hot fudge smothered on top of homemade ice cream.

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