4 Stylish Raincoats

by Janelle 09.07.2011
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On this rainy week in NYC, I was inspired to find ways to stay chic and there is no better solution than a designer raincoat. With these 4 picks, you’ll be praying for the rain…

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Missoni Madness

by Janelle 08.03.2011
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Missoni, the iconic Italian fashion brand from Varese, Italy, produces some of the most luxurious and chic knitwear. Instantly recognizable, Missoni embraces bright colors in their signature zigzag stripe designs. Choosing a Missoni piece will put you in the ranks of stylish women worldwide who covet these stunning designs.

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Poppy Orange Perfection

by Janelle 07.26.2011
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Calling all California girls!! Like the brilliant color of a California Poppy, the state’s official flower, poppy orange pieces will make your wardrobe well, pop. Perfect with a tan and paired with summer whites and khakis, vibrant poppy orange is fashion-must. I have picked out 5 must-have pieces that are spot-on trend:

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5 Chic Nude-Colored Heels

by Janelle 07.12.2011
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One of the chic-est, no-fail shoe choices is undoubtedly nude heels. A fashionista-favorite, these shoes lengthen your legs and truly go with anything. Whether you are looking to splurge or save, I’ve included 5 fabulous nude heels for everyone. What’s your favorite?!

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Crochet Cuteness : 5 Hot Summer Crochet Dresses

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One of the most romantic and feminine trends this summer is crochet. Runways this season were overflowing with intricately designed wovens and decorative knits in a rainbow of colors. Crochet is shedding its homespun image and staking its claim among fashionsitas worldwide. I’ve found 5 chic crochet dresses that will help you nail this look.

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5 Gladiator Sandals

by Janelle 06.27.2011
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One of the chicest and sassiest trends this summer is gladiator sandals. These Grecian-inspired beauties are overflowing with buttons and straps covering the feet, making for a super comfortable and stylish look. Check out my top 8 gladiator sandals for this summer!

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One Shoulder Chic | 6 Stylish One Shoulder Pieces You Need This Year

Thumbnail image for One Shoulder Chic | 6 Stylish One Shoulder Pieces You Need This Year by Janelle 06.18.2011

One-Shoulder tops and dresses often get a bad rap. With so many styles cut incorrectly, it’s easy to give up on this lopsided trend. That said, I’d like to reverse that thinking — one-shoulder styles done right can be a gorgeous addition to your look. I’ve found 6 one-shoulder tops and dresses that are both […]

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Jonathan Adler Summer Beach Totes

by Janelle 06.14.2011
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Jonathan Adler just released a series of adorable beach totes that show off your favorite jet-setter summer hotspots! From Acapulco to Capri, these bags have something for everyone and feature bright colors and quality trims. The coated canvas bags have 3 handy pockets for cell phones, keys and other valuables. Check them out!

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Star Shades : Find the Chic-est Celebrity Sunglasses Seen on Your Favorite Stars

by Janelle 06.10.2011
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Ever wonder where celebs get their fabulously chic shades? I’ve got it covered. To me, designer sunglasses are an accessory definitely worth splurging on. You can wear them constantly and they easily and instantly up the style factor of any look. I have found the exact styles that some of Hollywood’s most glam leading ladies […]

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Royal Recessionista : The Ultimate Princess Kate Middleton Style Guide!

by Janelle 05.29.2011
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We all know about the Duchess of Cambridge’s recent fashion-bombshell dress worn when greeting the Obamas in Buckingham Palace last week. The gorgeous, nude-colored “Shola” dress from understated British designer Reiss caused such a fashion-raucous that the retailer’s website crashed within hours of Kate being photographed! At only $340, this frock is far from unaffordable […]

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