6 Cute Espadrilles For Summer

by Janelle 05.21.2011
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Originating from 14th century Catalan, Spain, espadrilles were at one time deemed “peasant shoes” for their simple, inexpensive construction. Traditional styles feature a canvas upper portion and rope sole. In modern times, espadrilles have become a fashionable, trendy shoe-choice and an eternal summer favorite. Lightweight, comfortable and easy-to-wear, every girl needs a good pair in […]

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Jellies Made Chic

by Janelle 03.11.2011

Jellies are perhaps the most playful, adorable, youthful shoes in the stores. This summer, designers are embracing this age-old trend with a selection of beautiful jellies in all colors of the rainbow. My personal favorite has to be the new Missoni jellies… Italian Riviera-chic with the precious addition of a bow styled on top. And […]

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