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For a great summer side to accompany anything from a cookout to a gourmet meal, try my Mediterranean Bow-Tie Pasta Salad. Made with only oil and vinegar and no mayonaise, this salad has a lightness to it that tastes fresh and really allows the flavors to come through. It is prepared Mediterranean style with feta and kalamata olives, along with red bell pepper, chickpeas and green peas for extra texture and flavor. Enjoy!  Read More…


Perfect Key Lime Pie

July 12, 2012

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Tart and creamy, my recipe for Perfect Key Lime Pie is the perfect finish to a summer meal. Key limes are native to the Florida Keys and luckily there are delicious bottled key lime juices out there that are just as good as squeezing fresh key limes by hand. My favorite is Nellie’s, one of the “originals” bottled right in sunny Key West, Florida. This pie has a crunchy homemade graham cracker crust, custardy key lime filling and fluffy whipped cream topping. Perfection!  Read More…


Baked Stuffed Lobster

July 10, 2012

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Looking for the perfect summer cookout feast this weekend? My recipe for succulent Baked Stuffed Lobster with homemade crabmeat stuffing is sure to impress. The recipe for the stuffing is from a very popular shoreline restaurant called, Lenny & Joe’s Fishtale in Connecticut. Known for its delicious, fresh seafood and fun, casual atmosphere, I was lucky enough to find the exact recipe chefs use at the restaurant to make their famous crabmeat stuffing and then used this stuffing to create Baked Stuffed Lobster. Preparing this dish is truly half the fun. Read More…


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I am thrilled to share one of my favorite recipes for a decadent easy dark chocolate sheet cake. This recipe uses a dark chocolate fudge cake mix and fluffy vanilla buttercream frosting, topped with melted unsweetened chocolate drizzle to complement the sweetness of the cake. Best served chilled, the cake is great for a party because it can be cut into small or medium-sized squares and served as finger food. Best of all, with it’s geometric drizzled chocolate pattern, the Drizzled Dark Chocolate Sheet Cake is a beautiful work of art… :)   Check out the recipe here… Read More…


Walnut Rooibos Tea Loaf

June 29, 2012

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Cooking with tea is one of the latest trends in the culinary world, so I couldn’t wait to try out a fantastic and healthy recipe for Walnut Rooibos Tea Loaf. I used a premium brand of loose tea from the luxe tea production company, Le Palais des thés. Based in Paris, Le Palais des thés sells teas harvested from the finest crops around the world and is renowned for their all-natural tea blends called, “Les Créations.” Trust me, when you taste these teas you will immediately recognize the difference between Le Palais des thés and everything else… Read More…


Post image for Decadent Flourless Chocolate Cake

My fiancé and I invited our families over for dinner last weekend, so I decided to bake one of my favorite desserts, a Decadent Flourless Chocolate Cake. Many die-hard chocolate-lovers out there are familiar with this fudgy type of cake baked with only chocolate, eggs, sugar, and butter, and not a trace of flour. The combination results in a souffle-like cake, with a moist inside and flaky cracked top. As with many desserts, the quality of ingredients you choose to put into this recipe is crucial to getting the result you want. In this case, the most important ingredient is the chocolate, so I used none other than Callebaut chocolate – a favorite of professional bakers around the world. It’s imported from Switzerland and of the finest quality. You can find this special type of chocolate at Whole Foods or search for other stores near you on their websiteRead More…


Post image for Cumin Roasted Carrot & Avocado Salad

My favorite dish at popular NYC eatery ABC Kitchen is without a doubt their Cumin Roasted Carrot & Avocado Salad. This light yet satisfying starter is a diverse combination of bright colors, contrasting textures and bold flavors. The carrots are roasted in the oven with a spicy blend of cumin, garlic and fresh herbs and then plated with slices of fresh, ripe avocado. All of it is pulled together by a tangy drizzle of fresh orange and lemon juice. The finishing touch is a refreshing dollop of sour cream (I used plain Greek yogurt in my recipe) and a sprinkling of toasted sunflower seeds. I decided to recreate this masterpiece at home and am proud to share this memorable recipe. I made a few changes from the original to keep it healthy and use the ingredients I had on hand in my kitchen. Enjoy this little taste of NYC’s ABC Kitchen in your own kitchen!

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Post image for We’re Getting Married!

Aaron proposed while we vacationed in Lugano, Switzerland, last week… I couldn’t be happier!  Read More…


Post image for Lemon Dijon Herb-Crusted Grilled Pork Tenderloin

This is my second post this season on grilling (yes, summer hasn’t even started!) and I’m thrilled to share this recipe for marinated grilled pork tenderloin. With a hearty dose of fresh thyme and rosemary, this recipe takes on many flavors that all blend together perfectly. If you like mustard and tangy sauces, this one is for you. In order to fully flavor the pork, you have to prepare this marinade the night before and let the meat marinate in the refrigerator overnight. The marinade is somewhat thick and is loaded with fine herbs, creating a sort of “crust” on the pork. Tonight my boyfriend grilled the pork tenderloin we had marinated overnight and it came out tender and juicy, with a definite kick of dijon contrasting beautifully with the freshness of the herbs. Bon Appétit!

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Post image for Whiskey Barbecued Chicken & Lemon Kale Salad

It’s starting to feel like summer, so that means it’s time to bring out the grill. My boyfriend and I wanted to try out our brand new roofdeck, so I prepared a simple barbecue to get us in the summer spirit. I decided to make my own barbecue sauce for the first time, and it turned out so good I do not think I will ever buy pre-made barbecue sauce again. My Whiskey Barbecue Sauce is made with, yes, whiskey along with garlic, ketchup, tomato paste, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce and vinegar. The combination is tangy and sweet, with a definiate kick of whiskey. Combined with a spicy BBQ dry rub, the chicken grills up to perfection to create a full-bodied, smoky and sweet barbecue flavor. Read More…